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As a photographer, I have the privilege to be able to document many milestones, emotions and memories in a people's lives. This is a truly incredible part of my job, but I have to say that capturing a birth is different. Birth photography is more than creating a set of photos.  To be invited into your labor room, and asked to illustrate your journey of bringing a new little life onto this earth is such a beautiful privilege. If your due date is something that you would like to have documented, please reach out! I would be honored to capture these incredible moments for you and your family. 

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Don't forget a single detail of this life changing, life beginning day. Allow me to worry about capturing your memories so that you and your partner can focus on soaking in these precious moments. From your baby's eyes opening for the first time, to the clocks time on the wall, I promise to document each detail so you can look back on your images & relive the day.



Naturally, you will have questions and concerns about how birth & labor photography works. We will talk through your birth plan, and your wants to ensure that your labor day is captured in exactly the way that you and your partner hope for it to be. We will get all of the 'what-ifs' out of the way ahead of time!



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