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Freezing in Style!

Did my fingers go numb three minutes into this session? Yes. Leave it to me to dress poorly for our extreme Minnesota weather.

Did Sydney frolic around in a dress as if it were 75 degreed instead of 5 degrees? Also yes. She wins true Minnesotan of the day!! My creative soul filed right up with the absolute BEAUTY that was this photo session.

This girl was a TROOPER and a ray of sunshine on what was a very cold, very cloudy day in Stillwater MN. Not only was she down for all of my crazy ideas, but she was a natural in front of the camera! I had such a blast with this girl and she has me excited for the rest of my snowy sessions this year!

"ABBY ❤️ I'm going crazy over these photos, they are absolutely amazing!! I can't thank you enough for doing this! I love them all so much ❤️❤️❤️ "


Tips for your snow-filled photoshoot:

  • Chunky knits!! They will keep you warm and add texture to your outfit!

  • Put hand warmers in your shoes before your session, right by the toes!

  • Bring a couple of accessories to give your outfit a different look! Scarves and different hats can go a LONG way.

  • Hot coco might just be your favorite prop.

  • Avoid white so you don't blend in with the snow!

  • Pretend that its 90 degrees and soon you'll believe it.....or not, but you can try!

Thank you for supporting my small business!

Love, Abby

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Absolutely amazing, you are truly magical!

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