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Birth Photography: The most meaningful photos you will ever have.

Where do I begin.

Photographing something as incredible as a birth leaves me at somewhat of a loss for words, it is truly a speechless experience. Not very conducive to a blog post, I know.

The photos will do much more of the talking but I do have a few things to say!

Birth photography is far and beyond my favorite part of my job. Being invited into a labor room and not only witnessing what are some of the most beautiful and emotional moments of life; but being able to craft those precious moments into photographs, tangible memories for a family is invaluable.

I have captured much pain, and support. A soon-to-be father doing all he can to aid in the mothers journey. The whites of a strong woman's knuckles lightening as she pushes to bring her baby into the world. Babies eyes opening for their very first time. And the look in a fathers eyes when he can not take them off of his new child. It is an honor and a privilege to capture these details and memories.

As the photographer, as the outsider who comes into this experience, I do my best to be as much of a fly on the wall as I can be when it is appropriate. And this gives me a very unique perspective. You see, there is a kind of magic that happens in the moments when a new life first enters the world. A kind of calm and bliss that fills the room after the intensity of labor. These moments are priceless. These are the moments that make everything worth it. The stressful atmosphere, sleeping on the waiting room floor (yes, Ive been there), the 3:00AM drive to the hospital, the anticipation, the hospital food (haha, but actually...bring snacks) everything is worth it for those emotional first ten minutes of welcoming your baby into the world.

Dad was the delivering 'doctor!'
Minnesota Labor and birth photography

Making the decision to bring a photographer in to capture your labor and birth story is a big decision that often comes with a lot of questions! I am going to list a few FAQ's below, but know that when planning to bring a photographer in on your due date, we will go over every single detail to make sure that you and your partner are comfortable and excited about documenting this incredible milestone! A few tips that I have:

1. Always alway alway talk with both your doctor as well as your hospital about their policy on bringing photographers into the labor and delivery rooms. Especially now with COVID, rules are changing all the time!

2. Wear a comfortable sports bra or covering of some kind (if you can) so that you can share your photos with family and friends without worrying about giving them too much of a show if ya know what I mean!

3. Make sure to think about what you want for photos (and also what is allowed with your doctor and birthing centre) in the event that a cesarean section, or other possible unplanned circumstance were to occur.

4. Do not be afraid to talk to your photographer about any concerns that you have! Your comfort should be taken into consideration above all else. We want to hear how YOU want this experience to go!

5. Put your photographer in a group text with yourself and whoever is accompanying you in the labor room. Put this person in charge of keeping communication with the birth photographer when you are preoccupied at the hospital/delivery centre.

Lastly I will leave you with my personal, and perhaps extremely bias opinion that I do indeed believe that these will be the most meaningful photos that you will ever receive should you chose to have them taken!

These are memories that you should be completely present for without having to worry about snapping cell phone pictures or asking your partner to step away to do so for you. I promise that seeing your labor and birth photos will give you a whole new, beautiful perspective of this day and bring those emotions flooding back.


F A Q :

Q: What can I expect when having my labor and birth photographed?

A: Honestly, you can expect exactly what we go over and talk about together! Your birth story is unique, some mothers want to see images of all the things they couldn't while they were in labor and some mothers don't want a camera all up in their business! Whatever your wants are for this experience are what I will respect and cater to. I will do my best to be discrete so that you can focus, sometimes I may be out of the room (labor can of course take a very long time) but I will remain in the hospital at all times. I am just a text away! I will always do my best to check with you or nurses before re-entering your room at these times.

Q: When do you arrive?

A: Communication is key on your day of delivery! Ideally I would like to be to the hospital when you are dilated 5cm or 6cm. Other key communication times are when you are on your way to the hospital, when you are checked into your room and when you are nearing 5cm dilation. The fastest and easiest way to communicate this is by text, I suggest that your partner, yourself and me make a group chat so that we are all on the same page, that way they can update me when you need to focus!

Q: What if I go into labor in the middle of the night?

A: Well then it looks like it will be a long night for both of us! Part of being a birth photographer is being on-call on the dates surrounding your due date and if baby wants to come at 3am were not going to stop them! In this case please call me to wake me up and ill be to the hospital (a little less presentable than normal, forgive me) as fast as I can be!

Q: What if I need a cesarian section?

A: This is something that you will need to talk with your doctor about to get their policies on where I am allowed to be during a C section. If you would still like this part of your birth to be photographed, I am happy to do so with your doctors permission! If not, then we will get all of those sweet brand new baby photos when I am allowed back in!

Q: Will you get photos of the baby after the delivery?

A: OF COURSE! I wouldn't miss those sweet little finger and toe pictures for anything! I love photographing baby getting their footprints, their weight on the scale and snuggly pictures with the family too.

Q: Will you photograph at home birth?

A: Absolutely, delivering your baby at home gives us entirely new possibilities for photos. Weather you are planning a water birth or an at home birth with your family, I would love to capture these memories for you!

Q: Do you offer bundles or discounts with birth photography?

A: Yes I do!

If you are interested maternity sessions, newborn photography and/or one year photos for your baby I am happy to give you a bundle package for some or all of these! Payment plans are also an option for you because I know babies may be small but they are expensive too! Anything that I can do to deliver incredible photos of your little ones milestones without also delivering stress, I will happily create for you!


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